How to Punch The Sunday Jitters in The Face

Do you ever feel strange on Sundays? Do you ever dread Mondays as if something is not right? Then this book is for you!

I have met TK in a college class at Diablo Valley College when he gave a guest presentation on Software Sales. During his presentation he mentioned his book and it sounded interesting because I have certainly felt that “Sunday Jitters” feeling in the past.

In this book, TK lays out how he unlocked high levels of productivity through continuous self-reflection and iterative improvement. To a software engineer this sound a lot like applying Agile project management methodology to ones life. Agile is a default approach for most companies in 2022: 94% of organizations reportedly practice agile and have 70% success rate1.

From first few pages, this approach made sense to me. If I am already doing this at work, why not attempt to do it in my personal life?

How to Punch The Sunday Jitters in The Face Book Cover

Additionally I am a huge proponent of setting short term and long term goals in a professional environment and staying accountable to your plan (it’s okay to tweak it throughout a year!). How to Punch the Sunday Jitters in The Face helps you apply a similar strategy to your personal life through:

  • Weekly exercise 👈 I am now doing this now 😎
  • 45-Day challenge
  • 365-Day plan
  • 5-Year strategy

TK suggests actionable items to help you plan, self-reflect, and unlock new levels of success through out the book. Each chapter is full of actionable items. My favorite quote from this book:

Dreaming coupled with Belief and Discipline … enables us to take charge when it comes to our goals, so they can become reality.

-TK Kader

How to Punch The Sunday Jitters in The Face is an actionable and fun to read book. If you’re feeling a little uneasy on Sundays — you should give it a try. It’s short and easy to read. TK made it just as long as it needs to be to get the point across (page 1).


  1. “Agile Adoption Statistics 2022: How is Software Development changing?” Rohit Akiwatkar, 10 November 2022. Accesses on 5 December 2022.
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Todd Taylor

Well Roman, good brief synopsis. Sounds like a good read for a collection of steps for goal achievement professionally and personally.

John Gibson

Might have to add this to my list.