WebP casestudy with a meme

WebP Case Study: 60% increase in webpage performance

2023 internet is bloated. As the hardware improves and network speeds increase — JavaScript developers are tirelessly finding new and creative ways to significantly slow down webpages around the globe. WebP comes to the rescue by reducing image sizes (in…

How to Punch the Sunday Jitters in The Face Book Review Cover

How to Punch The Sunday Jitters in The Face

Do you ever feel strange on Sundays? Do you ever dread Mondays as if something is not right? Then "How to Punch The Sunday Jitters in The Face" book is for you! TK suggests actionable items to help you plan, self-reflect, and unlock new levels of success. This is an actionable and fun to read book.

How to make business cards at home

Printing business cards at home is pretty simple. All you need is a printer and some specialized paper that you can pick up on Amazon. I am using Avery #28877 which will yield 120 business cards. My printer is HP…

Why phone applications are so expensive to develop?

“Technology is getting smaller, faster, cheaper, and more powerful every day.” -Tae Yoo Then why are phone applications are still so expensive to develop and maintain? Following are top four reasons a simple app will cost you over $40,0001 to…

cartoon resumes

Junior Software Engineer Resume

One of the most critical parts of finding a job (especially in this virtual environment) is your resume. Yet this is something that’s commonly overlooked in traditional school curriculum. A simple search will reveal a mountain of general resume information…