Hi my name is Roman

Hi, I’m Roman, a software engineer with 2 years of industry experience and over 10 years of freelance development experience. I’ve honed my skills working for companies like Tesla and John Deere, specializing in embedded systems and automation scripts. Currently, I am also expanding my skillset by learning Docker, C#, and design patterns.

My personal website serves as a platform to showcase my technical expertise, as well as my love for writing and publishing book reviews and tech articles. I invite you to take a look around and explore my previous projects.

I am always on the hunt for cool open source projects and chatting about software. Please reach out if you’d like to connect or collaborate!



(+ python scheme)
Scheme Interpreter Written in Python

Scheme is a powerful functional programming language with fun syntax. Because Scheme has no loops – you have to think recursively. Check out my Scheme interpreter written in Python.

Volumetric Cloud Simulation

Combine tessellating Worley and smooth noise patterns with Beer’s Law and the Henyey-Greenstein phase function to model ray-tracing through cloud formations of varying densities, sample rates, and light properties.

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